WuFoo and Zendesk - Suspended Tickets

If you are a customer of WuFoo and Zendesk, you'll find that piping e-mails from WuFoo to Zendesk can be a bit cumbersome. Both platforms recommend using Zapier, which is a 3rd party that creates a conduit between WuFoo and Zendesk. Of course, it's a premium tier product from Zapier which requires a subscription to use. This seemed completely unnecessary to us so we spent some time trying to find an alternative solution that was cost free. 

Without any additional changes, e-mails sent from WuFoo to Zendesk will end up in your Suspended Tickets queue with the follow message:

Cause: Detected email as being from a system user (What is this?)

WuFoo sends out e-mails from a system account. The accounts it sends from is either:



In order to keep these e-mails from being sent to the Suspended Tickets queue, you'll need to add those two e-mail addresses to your whitelist in Zendesk.

Admin -> Settings -> Customers -> Whitelist

Once you've added those two e-mail addresses to your whitelist, all of your forms processed by WuFoo and sent to Zendesk will now show up in the normal ticket queue.


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