Granting Full Permission to Mailboxes in Exchange 2010

Issue\Request: A customer wants full access to a "multi-user mailbox" that has already been created.


  1. Log into the Exchange 2010 Server or Exchange 2010 Front End Server and open the Exchange Management Console (EMC).
  2. Follow the path to Microsoft Exchange > Recipient Configuration > Mailbox and highlight the mailbox you wish to modify.
  3. Either right click the mailbox or use the side panel to select "Manage Full Access Permission". This opens a wizard (Screenshot 1).
  4. Click add and find the name of the customer you wish to give full permission to (Screenshot 2).
  5. Once everyone you wish to give full permission to is added, choose "Manage". This will give full permission to everyone selected.
  6. Finish and close out of everything.

Technet article with instructions and explanation:


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