Why can I not copy a file to my local desktop while in MySecureDesktop?

Sometimes you will find the need to copy a file out of MySecureDesktop and down to your local desktop. While we do not recommend doing this we understand that sometimes it is required. If you run in to an error message that states that you do not have the appropriate permission to perform this operation, use the following steps to remedy.

Example error message:


In your Microsoft Windows Notification Center, locate the black square icon that represents the Citrix XenApp Receiver. 



Right click on the icon and select About.



You will now see the "About Citrix Receiver" screen. Select >Advanced as shown below.



Now select Connection Center.



Once you click on Connection Center, you will see the following screen.



On the right hand side of this screen you will see "Files:". The option is most likely set to Read Only. Click the drop down box and change that to either Full Access or Ask Permission.

Select Close.

If you are not able to access your local desktop drive now, you may need to log out of MySecureDesktop and log back in.

If this does not resolve your issue, please let us know.


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