Change Key Combination Settings for MSD

MSD has a number of options for using key combinations such as ALT+TAB and your CTRL combinations. How the combinations interact with your local computer can be adjusted before you log into MSD in your Settings.

  1. Log into the MSD web site.
  2. Click “Settings” in the top right corner.
  3. Toward the bottom, you will see the setting for “Keyboard – Windows key combination”.
  4. The default is most likely set to “In Full Screen Mode Only”.

Changing the setting to “On the remote server” will get the key combos to be sent to the cloud desktop in every case.

Changing the setting to "On the local computer" will ignore your MSD session and you key combinations will interact with your computer isntead.

Changing the setting to "In Full Screen Mode Only" means key combinations will only apply to MSD when you are working within MSD in full screen mode. Otherwise, key combinations will interact with the local machine.


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